"Are you beating your head against the wall with trying to find a way to make a living without all the usual aggro?"

Me in 1928 Austin 7

If you haven’t cracked it yet, why not let me help you.

This website is currently a "work in progress" so at the moment you may find there are gaps in the flow of the text. There is so much I have to say and do to help you that it has to be. But rest assured I am striving to get it to
an as complete as possible state. However with the pace of the internet and modern life, this like most things is  constantly evolving.
George Weller

 Hi,  I'm George Weller and I have one simple ambition.
That is to help as many people as possible to jump off the Hamster Wheel of commuting to work everyday.
To help people escape the nightmare of the rat race  and give them as much opportunity to Work for themselves from home or as close to as possible. You might think that my reasons for building these websites are purely commercial but you would be completely wrong. It is far far more important than that. Of course its nice to reap some financial reward from my efforts to help other people as I still have family to support and bills to pay . But my passion and greatest reward in helping people to achieve freedom, is in the knowledge that when they succeed in this goal they will reap the priceless benefit of having more time. Time for their family (especially if they have children) and time for themselves. To do the pleasurable things in life that so many people never have time to do.

My truly heartfelt passion for this is because I myself spent far too many hours working overtime and commuting long distances to and from work. Just chasing extra money to enable my family to live in a nicer house and drive around in a nicer car. Its a cliche that everybody really knows, but your family and friends truly are far more precious than the money, house, car and other material things. This all came to a tragic conclusion for me 8 years ago when we suffered the absolute devastation and despair of losing one of the most precious things of all,  our gorgeous daughter Jasmin. She died suddenly at the tender age of 7yrs 8 months and  I would gladly pay 100 times the money I earned doing that stupid overtime and commuting, just to go back and spend the time with her. After losing her I hated the house and the car but most all I hated myself. It was one of those very hard lessons in life that is very tough to come through and I still beat myself up over it daily.

So you will understand why I abandoned my 25 year career and spent several years at home with my other children, earning barely enough to get by. At first It was the only way I could cope with what had happened.
My children had their Dad home all the time so we've been much happier as a family. But of course children grow and need to do activities and have nice things and they totally deserve to have them too. During this time I formulated my plans to do my absolute utmost to help other people to escape the same situation without having to suffer the hardships that not having a proper income causes. You see I want as many children as possible, to benefit from the sheer joy of  as much totally priceless quality time with their parents as possible. This is the only way I know that will help repair the heartbreak I constantly feel. In the knowledge that the loss of my daughter was not in vain. Sort of in her memory and honour.

So while my kids were at school and after they were in bed I studied and planned. Bought things online and tried many different things that I thought might be the magic pill. (Which of course doesn't exist) I discovered things that didn't work for me and I got ripped off a few times too. This is tough when you don't really have the money to blow on these things. But the good news is that I have also found and met many good people with 
very successful stories and systems which I know will help people to achieve the holy grail of being able to
give up their conventional 40 hour a week jobs and not have to travel great distances to work them.

I am the creator of DYINGtoWORKfromHOME and I have quite a few websites all designed around filling in the
jigsaw pieces needed to make it possible to do so. I have also written several ebooks on the subject and am currently working on a major project designed to help the average person to make a comfortable living from home as easily as possible. 

There is a completely overwhelming and constantly growing array of products and services available online in the subject area. I have been buying trying and studying many of them and can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that most of them will be completely and utterly useless to you. There are also of course a lot of good ones, but how on earth can you possibly tell which they are and what to avoid.

So to help out I have compiled a collection of applications or products that I have personally tried and found to be excellent. Both for their performance and value for money (especially if they are free, which many are).  
These have been incorporated into my coaching programs and websites. Many of the free ones and indeed the paid ones too, are given  free of charge to my readers at by blogsite and in my newsletter. Some that stand out above the other similar products in the area that I have tried and those that are unique in what they offer.

You will find there is especially great value in subscribing to my newsletter as there are priceless gems of information contained therein.

By far the most powerful and priceless course of learning I have partaken, was the completely unique and revolutionary training provided by my friend and now mentor Phil Gosling. His 12 month long (when I did it )
coaching course in personal and financial success were without a doubt the eureka moment and turning point in my quest for enlightenment. After more time than I care to admit in the wilderness I now have a very clear grasp on where I am going and how to reach my goals and dreams. A price on which it is impossible to place.

The stand alone course was called simply "THE SCHOOL" and I am very pleased to be able to tell you that Phil has been able to package this course in such a way that it can touch the lives of thousands of people. Far more than would have been practically possible with the original  approach. This was achieved by creating a special program of training and licensing of localised coaches to provide this outstanding opportunity to the whole of the UK and beyond. The company is called Success for Life UK and will ultimately be available worldwide.

As a result of this I am delighted to announce that as of April 2010, I am the local "Success for Life UK Licensee" for the SO and SP post code area's. These include Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester, Salibury and Andover plus many of their surrounding towns and villages.  So Iook out for your chance to get involved as and when future courses begin.

Without a doubt the most useful skill to learn if you want to run your own business is copywriting. The ability to write your own sales letters is priceless and will serve you well for the whole of your business life. Even if you have other people to do this for you , the ability to understand the structure and psychology of sales copy will help you in all area's of business.  I have studied the subject using quite a few different  products, many of which
involve reading several books which (in my case) is laborious and long winded even though the material is quite interesting. The method I found to be the fastest and also retained the most from is learning from watching video's. I have watched several different video study courses in copywriting and without a doubt the system I gained the most from was "The Copywriting Revolution" by Phil Gosling.  You will find that Phil's teaching manner is very relaxed and easy to follow. The system he teaches is the fastest and most effective way I have found to date to get to the stage where you can create effective sales copy yourself.
Make sure you check it out. "The Copywriting Revolution"

Below is a list of my current Websites all providing excellent products at outstanding value.. Please take a peek and I am sure you will find something of interest and more importantly of great help in building a work from home business.

Internet Marketing Trade Secrets 

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How to work for yourself from Home by  George Weller